Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Couponing... Extreme?

I'm starting to discipline myself to clip coupons. I managed to score a bunch from an ad that was thrown on my porch over the weekend. The only problem with couponing in Chicago is that grocery stores do not double coupons. Bummer. So most of the time, the generic version is cheaper than the brand name product, even with the coupon.

I clipped a coupon for Palmolive, 10fl oz bottle of dish soap. In stores it ranges from $2.29 - $3.00. The coupon was buy 1 for .89 at Walgreens. I practically live at Walgreens so today I took advantage of that deal. I thought I could only get the regular Palmolive Dish Soap... but when I went to the aisle, they only had Palmolive Oxy Plus 10fl oz, no other 10 fl oz. I was a little discouraged, but brought it to the counter anyway.

The lady rang it up, I gave her my coupon, and BAM! Just saved $1.40! I feel like I got a great deal, especially because this is a nicer dish soap than the regular. I know, im a little crazy for getting excited over dishsoap...

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