Wednesday, August 17, 2011

iPhone love

Random Tidbit:

I will never be able to properly convey the love I feel for the iPhone, for it has truly changed my life. I held off for a very long time before I got an iphone, and even at that I waited until it was on sale before I would commit to buy it. I thought my Blackberry Curve suited my needs just fine. But no… the iphone has changed my life for the better.

My favorite apps:

Banking: I love banking through my phone. I can do everything -- transfer money to different accounts, pay bills, schedule a payment, check my balance… practically everything I can do online, I can do on my phone. This is probably the most helpful app, especially when I am running low on funds, I can move money around!

Google Maps: Holy smokes, this is a good one. It gives 3 different options -- car, public transportation, and walking… all 3 of which I do on a daily basis. Unless there is a poor reception, I shall never be lost again! It shows a little blue dot where I am and allows me to find the right direction. love love love.

Transit Tracking: Its useful now, but will be more so during the winter time when its -25 degrees out and I can gauge when to leave to catch the train so I don’t have to stand on the platform and freeze to death. Its always good when I never have to deal with freezing to death.

Grubhub: The best “order your food online” app ever. You pick your exclusions, give additional instructions, its all just convenient. After you place your order, the last screen in just funny to me! These people are REALLY excited about getting food, hahaha!

iheartradio: I wouldnt be able to listen to my favorite radio station in Dallas, 106.1, kidd kraddick in the morning -- without the iheartradio app! My life would be in shambles without listening to them everyday!

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