Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oliver, the next dog jaunt...?

I spent a lot of time today looking for a place to board Oliver when I go to my parents house for Christmas. I'll be gone 9 days total and with the cheapest rate I found, the cost will be $270 to board him and with this boarding he will just be staying in a cage all day long, no play time or anything. This made me really sad to think of my poor Ollie locked up like prisoner while his mommy is off having a wonderful holiday.

I'm fairly certain he can fly with me under the seat. I frequent a blog called "dog jaunt" ( which entails the journeys that the blogger has with her Cavalier King Charles named Chloe. This blog gives me hope that I won't have any issues flying with him.

Today I purchased online the same carrier that the blogger uses for Chloe, the sturdibag!

The picture above is the bag, the exact size and color that I bought for Oliver (and the size that Chloe uses) and it seems like it fits just about right. I, of course, will have plenty of other uses for the carrier and will also put the bag to the test before the scheduled trip.

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