Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Walk of shame

I have made it no secret that I am surrounded by DePaul students. It really not all that bad, to be honest. There are some situations that I find humorous.

On most Sundays, I find myself waking up early as I always do during the work week. I get up, throw on a sweat shirt, sweat pants and flip flops and head out the door to take Oliver out. I canvas the block And as I circle back I almost Always witness the walk of shame. Yes friends, the walk of shame...

And my favorite...

Of course, these are images from google, but you get the point. College girls dress up, go out, get wasted, go home with some nasty boy who wants to get his willy wonked and then he is nice enough to let her crash until the awkward goodbye in the morning or perhaps the girl just ditching out before thither wakes up.

How do I know these girls aren't coming from a friends house? Simply because a true friend would never send 'em out of the house without allowing them to borrow a tshirt or comfy pants to get home. True story!

Sometimes I just want to hug these girls and tell them... "honey, it's going to be okay. Only crazy me, Oliver and those crazy early morning joggers will think your a whore, not the rest of society because you were smart enough to leaves for home early. :) "

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