Thursday, March 29, 2012

day before my day

I have a few random ditty's:
Ordered Japanese last night and I needed a couple extra bucks to make the minimum for delivery. I thought I'd broaden my horizons and try Mochi for the first time. Mochi, according to google, is a glutinous dessert made of rice pounded into a consistency that surrounds the ice cream. The best way I can describe it is like imagining vanilla paste frozen with lightly powdered sugar on the outside. Honestly, delicious. Hit the spot!

I absolutely love receiving cards, letters, etc. from little kids. Their handwriting and words are just too cute to even compare to anything else that it really just makes my day. I helped my parents neighbor with her Flat Stanley project (doing Chicago, or course) and she sent me back a letter and a gift to thank me (how sweet, and unexpected!)

And a few pics I took of flat Stanley for her here in Chicago:

And finally, my birthday is tomorrow. Last year's birthday was awful... I came home from work, I was debating calling off my wedding (which I obviously later did), my (now) ex was mad at me for not believing in anything he said (rightfully so), and we got in a fight and then I went upstairs to our room and cried for a couple hours and then fell asleep. It was an awful birthday, and I never want to re-live that again. On to 28... hopefully a better year for me.

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