Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting Settled

Ive spent most of the afternoon relaxing after a busy morning. I had intended on going to ikea to buy this cart:

This cart costs $99.99 at Ikea, not including the 30-45 min drive to get there, and then the same amount of time to get home, and also assemble it. By chance, I looked on craigslist for this cart and wouldnt you know it -- a guy was selling the same cart and he lives right across the street from the dog park! So we arranged to meet this morning for the swap and it only cost me $60 and less than a 2 mile roundtrip car ride. I think the best part is that I didnt have to assemble it either!

I ventured out to CBA (Chicago Bagel Authority) for lunch today, as people I work with rave about their food. Their menu is overwhelming, but the overall feel of the place is very new-world hippy both in music and store signage (signs along the line of “if you’re mean, please leave”). Their menu items are most complex with their sandwiches being filled with all sorts of things, I swear I couldn’t find anything less than 4 ingredients! I tried the Toby-Q, I believe it was called. The sandwich was good but honestly, the price is somewhat disappointing at $8. I think that will be my first and last time there.

Random Tidbit: I brought my sandwich home and when I finished, I laid on the couch looking up at the ceiling fan. You know what ceiling fans remind me of? When I was younger, at our Chicago house, I remember turning on the kitchen fan and grabbing a bouncy ball and throwing It up in the fan and ducking for cover. We found it hysterical when the fan whipped it back at us and we hoped surreptitiously that nothing would break… that is, before my mom yelled at us to stop before we broke the fan.

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