Friday, July 29, 2011

A Big Moment

There has been something that I needed to buy that has been on my mind for a while. I already have a version of this item, but I wanted a simpler, less complex version of it. Know what it is? I bet you don’t…. it’s a SWIFFER! Crazy, right? I had this one (pictured below) at the house.

This one required buying of three things for upkeep: batteries, solution, and cleaning pads. I always found myself missing one or the other so it didn’t really serve its purpose as much as I’d imagined.

Now, today I went out and bought THIS swiffer:

Its not battery operated, I don’t need to buy solution, I only have to buy the refill cleaning pads. Brilliant! I think this is the original version that first came out when Swiffer was introduced as a product… no?

Anyway, I ripped this sucker open as soon as I got home. Ive been feeling that the floors (since they are all hardwood) have been grubbier than im used to with carpet. The starter kit came with free swiffer dusting pads AND mopping pads. Who knew both could be used with this? Not this girl! So I dusted first (and holy smokes, did it trap a ton of dog hair!) and then I mopped and now my apartment is smelling frebreezy fresh (hey, that is the scent!).

Truly, I cant believe I just made a blog entry about swiffer… but seriously, I was excited! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of shopping for more household items…

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