Thursday, July 28, 2011

In the meantime...

So ive lived here at my new apartment rather comfortably for the past three weeks getting by on some canned/boxed food, a 19 inch tv and a DVD player. For heaven’s sake I cant even watch the local news because of the digital conversion thing.

Ive been fortunate enough to have been able to locate my box of DVDs so ive been watching my favorites: Love Actually, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Pride & Prejudice and a few pretty embarrassing reality show DVDs that were given to me as gifts (but provide an excellent source of entertainment): The Simple Life & Nick and Jessica: Newlyweds!

I spent most of the day a few days ago bouncing around cable companies to see who I could finagle the best deal out of. Sadly, it was Comcast and it only took talking to three different people to get what I wanted, imagine that! (dripping with sarcasm). So they are coming out on the 6th of August and now I need to get a TV. I left my old one at my old apartment in Bridgeport because it was really old and heavy anyway, and the TV at the house was not really mine anyway.

I’m just feeling really cheap these days and not really wanting to buy anything. The idea of buying a new TV feels more cumbersome than an exciting-adrenaline pumping purchase. I dread it because I like having money in my pocket and let’s face it, electronics are never cheap. Anyway, that is this weekend’s intention -- buy a new tv.

I also need to buy a few other items for the apartment, small things like an entry way carpet, a collapsible clothes dryer (to hang my work clothes that don’t go in the dryer), a small shoe rack to put near the entryway, etc. In time!

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