Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i heart furniture

I really love furniture shopping! Take me to an ikea or room store any day of the week and I can figure out a space for every piece of furniture in the store. Since the apartment is smaller than the place I currently live, its going to be a challenge to condense my stuff to make it fit but also make it look clean, organized and uncluttered.

Random tangent: Speaking of uncluttered, I watched some of that "hoarding" show yesterday on TV and I just cant fathom how people are so connected to "stuff". This woman couldnt get rid of trophies that a friend gave her because she had some kind of weird attachment to it. A trophy? That she didnt even earn for something? Weirdo! I, in turn, love getting rid of things that I don't want or need anymore. There is something very liberating about de-cluttering my life.

There is no storage in the bathroom, besides a two stand shelf above the toilet so I have been looking for a long-tall storage unit with a door and I found a perfect one that will fit nicely in the alotted space in the bathroom --

Next thing i'll need is an extra space to serve as a "counter" space in the kitchen. There are only two places of counter space on both sides of the sink. So here is what I found that I might buy to give another small, extra space to work on but also provide storage --

and then randomly, I found this which I liked too --

And this is just some, of the many many items I found that I just love. This is going to be fun! I can't wait to move! T-11 days :)

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