Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smallies & Freshii

I just have a lot of random small things to say:

Oliver destroyed yet another toy to smitherine. I think we had it for 1 full week this time. Groundbreaking.

Have you ever had butternut squash lasagna? My coworker and I wait for it to pop up on the Cafeteria Menu. It's not every week, but when it is available I go crazy for it! I'm borderline obsessed with it. I buy two pieces so I can split it between two days for lunch.

I was at the Aon Center this week at a workshop and they served Freshii for lunch. Hello, delicious! I don't even like wraps so I was concerned if I was going to be able to consume anything for lunch. So I chose their "signature burrito" which is comprised of brown rice, small pieces of BBQ chicken, red onions, sweet corn, jack & cheddar, with low fat ranch dressing. I had this with a glass of green tea and I was more than satisfied! My colleague tried the anti-oxidant salad and she raved about it. So good! I was going to go there to try my sandwich again for lunch today, but it was butternut squash day :)

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