Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dream home

I talk about doors and the outside of houses on here a lot, but man what I'd give to own a Victorian House! My ultimate dream home is the house from the movie Stepmom. It has the wrap around porch to greet you when you walk up, nettled among the trees, and the one big tree with the tire swing. Ahh, just gorgeous! (it's conveniently for sale for $2.7 million, but that's just chump change) :)

Look at the columns (pictured below), and that large Entry door that just screams "come on it, I have an apple pie fresh outta the oven!!".

The entry table is a big clock! The draperies are so classic, I love it!

I love LOVE the staircase. I think a staircase can add so much character and shape the feel of an entire home.

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