Sunday, October 9, 2011


This weekend was a busy one! Sort of.

I woke up yesterday morning and started my day by baking some honey spice bread. I love to bake and this recipe was super easy and very tasty. It feels great to be able to bake again! I didn't bake much last year because i was subjected to using an electric stove. I never could get used to it and it always felt like the temperature was hotter than what the dial read, and then when I would try to cook things at a lower temperature, it didn't come out right. It was a no win situation so I left that place defeated by the stove. But anyway, here is a picture of the bread:

It is so appropriate for this time of year... a little spice and cinnamon, perfecto!

I baked early in the morning because I knew I had to get over to Petco early. I took Oliver to a traveling clinic that they hold there several times a month that offers shots at a bargain price of $51 ( My vet offers these shots for half price every Wednesday and the cost at half price would have been $137.50 so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to save about $100.

We were 5th in line but it still took us about an hour to be seen. Oliver did really well until they gave him the rabies vaccine... apparently it stings when they administer it and it freaked him the hell out and he started flailing around on the table and crying and running for me. This made me start crying because I don't want to see my little boy in pain and when he leapt into my lap and kept whimpering, it just broke my heart! The doctor came over and gave him the rest of the shot while he was sitting on my lap and he did a little better because he was with me. Poor baby :(. But we came home and he slept and relaxed the rest of the day. I let him sit outside for a while to soak up the great weather and to do his favorite thing -- people watch!

This morning I took Oliver over to the dog park. I drove over there and spent a good 15 min looking for parking. The city is getting ready to do some street work in the area and there are blocks and blocks that have no parking anytime posted on the trees. Such a pain in the ass! Anyway, we spent some time there and just got home. My darling Oliver is now asleep next to me as I type.

The Chicago marathon is going on today. The path doesn't cross me directly but it is in the vicinity of where I live. There have been helicopters in the sky all morning following the runners in the lead and there are supporters walking around with their hand made signs of encouragement cheering on their loved ones. Have you ever attended a marathon to cheer someone on? I had the fortune experience a couple years ago of traveling from one end of the city to the other in the middle of the marathon and it's such a heartwarming experience to see the unity and support.

It's something added to my bucket list -- run the Chicago Marathon. Ahhh.... One day!

Enjoy some fall pictures around my neighborhood:

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