Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doggie woes

What a rough day it was!

Today started like any other I've talked about -- wake up, throw on some sweats and take out the dog for a walk. However, halfway through our walk something happened to Oliver's hind legs and they stiffend up and then turned into jelly. He can't walk. I immediately got down to his level and started to pet him, and he crawls with his only two working legs into my lap. I start to cry sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, holding him. We sat there for several minutes and then try to walk again, no dice. At this point I picked him up and carried him home. Something's wrong.

Nothing changes while we are home, so I start crying again and realize I must take him to the hospital.

We get to the hospital and he starts walking around like nothing happened! My jaw dropped! He made me look crazy! However, the doctor did say his knee might have been the cause of his temporary paralysis in his hind legs and that he'll need surgery. This surgery costs $2,500.00. I called all over Chicagoland and there are only so many places that can do this surgery because it requires an orthopedic surgeon to do this work. Ugh. My poor baby though. He seems to be doing better tonight, but I'm still worried about what happens next time this occurs. I fret to think of it, I am not resilient in crisis that involves my safety or those of my loved ones.

Oy. I'm going to bed.

- Blogging to you from the lovely iPad2. Xo.

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