Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Window!

Since I am alone this holiday season (boo hoo, i know... i already had a mini cry this morning thinking about it), I don't feel the need to put up and decorate a tree. Even though my opinionated friends (and my mother I'm sure) will say, "but you can do a mini tree!", .... no, thank you.

So I am going to decorate my window. I have a huge picture window in my living room that is begging for attention, and I will happily oblige it's thirst for it.

Oliver is ready to get to work and lend a helping hand!

Window before:

First I gathered my supplies:

Ornaments (bought these at Walmart a few years ago, never used them!)

Ribbon / Gold Rope

And I also got an extendable curtain rod. To be honest, I have no idea where it came from. I don't know if the movers grabbed it from the house and brought it with, if it was already here in the apartment when I got here, or if it really does belong to me. I have no idea! All i know is that its been sitting under my dining room table and is now getting its use. Anyway, I fitted the rod to the inside of the picture window:

It's hard to see on this picture, but the obvious rod that sticks out has my curtains on them, but it's underneath that rod that I put the extendable rod.

Oliver checked it out to make sure it's sturdy and right:

Then I started hanging the bulbs, eyeballing the different lengths. I tied the top in small knots so all I have to do to take them down is cut them with scissors. While I was up hanging a few, I got down and saw that Oliver wanted attention. He put all of his toys in my "work area"... Sorry buddy, ya gotta wait!

Here I am, half done:

And then I ran out of ribbon/rope. Damn it. I'm three-quarters done so I'll pick up some more ribbon during my lunch break tomorrow.

- Blogging to you from the lovely iPad2. Xo.

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  1. That is such a clever idea! You should have posted the finished product. So pretty!